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Barbershop-o-gram: Barbershop Quartet London

Singing of the highest quality, perfect for any private or corporate event from Barbershop-o-gram, the finest barbershop quartet in London

"Barbershop Quartet? London?
Don't even think of anyone other than Barbershop-o-gram!"


Barbershop-o-gram: Barbershop Quartet London


Barbershop-o-gram can perform anything, anywhere - and have done just that: from singing an original composition on BBC3's The Revolution Will Be Televised to singing Happy Birthday in a pharmacy and everything else in between.

Our standard repertoire includes barbershop quartet classics, modern and jazz arrangements and also original compositions. In addition to this set list, we can arrange any other song for performance and even compose something original, just for you.

Our fees begin at £600.

Bespoke barbershop quartet compositions to your exact specifications from only £225 (plus performance costs) - perfect to make your event stand out from the crowd!


Barbershop-o-gram: Barbershop Quartet London
Barbershop-o-gram: Barbershop Quartet London


Barbershop-o-gram was founded in 2011 when schoolfriends Andy and Chris were asked to sing at another schoolfriend's Hen Night. After a resounding success, they roped in Nav and Oliver (and the Hen's brother, Olly) and Barbershop-o-gram was born.


The group has since expanded and now offers great flexibility along with great singing at Barbershop-o-gram performances.


As well as performing barbershop quartet classics and arrangements, they compose and perform bespoke barbershop quartet compositions for performance at a variety of events.


The group has been found singing in a huge variety of situations: from Happy Birthday in an office to singing while riding exersize bikes live on Radio 1; from appearing on The Revolution Will Be Televised on BBC3 to singing songs in a 'next line' round in a charity quiz; and from improvising jingle messages on Capital Radio to performing in corporate videos.


Barbershop-o-gram is based in London but can travel to other locations.

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"I just wanted to thank you and your team again for a wonderful performance that made my mum feel so very special yesterday! Thank you for providing such a professional, personal and valuable service"
"We had the boys in to sing to two of our colleagues who were celebrating 10 years at our company. They started by singing a classic, and then surprised the girls by singing a bespoke original song about the two of them! Not only were they great with all the admin beforehand, but they were fantastic on the day - we'd recommend them to everyone!"
"I do music for a living - the fact that I chose Barbershop-o-gram speaks for itself. It was brilliant"
David Arnold



Barbershop-o-gram: Barbershop Quartet London
Barbershop-o-gram - Barbershop Quartet London singing on BBC3
Barbershop-o-gram - barbershop quartet London on Capital FM


Barbershop-o-gram: Barbershop Quartet London


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